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Cold pastry display cases rooms


Attractive product presentation


Optimal usage of the floor space


Elegant and ergonomic design


Effective refrigeration with low energy consumption

Laconic cubic design with straight front glass.

Elegant classic design with curved front glass.

Confectionery showcases SELENGA are specialized refrigeration equipment designed to perform two functions at once. It provides optimal storage conditions for perishable confectionery products, and its expressive design allows you to present the product in the most favorable light.
Thanks to a reliable, low-noise and energy-saving refrigeration circuit and components from leading world manufacturers, SELENGA refrigerated confectionery display cases guarantee the necessary temperature and humidity for storing cakes, pastries, etc. desserts. Simultaneously, their stylish modern design makes them a bright accent in the room, drawing the buyer’s attention to the product. This versatility makes our showcases a profitable acquisition for increasing sales of confectionery products in coffee shops, bars, food courts, restaurants, and special departments of grocery stores.
We offer a wide selection of confectionery display cases, differing in technical characteristics and configuration, price range and design.
There are two design series: SELENGA Q is made in a laconic cubic design with straight glass and SELENGA C – in elegant classic design with curved glass, respectively.


Both series models offer the following temperature conditions:
• high-temperature confectionery showcases (+ 6 … + 12 °С), ideal for storing and displaying cakes, pastries, chocolate and chocolates, fruit desserts;
• medium-temperature confectionery showcases (0 … + 7 °С) designed for displaying and storing cakes and pastries, biscuits with fruits and cream, dairy desserts, as well as gastronomic products, fresh salads, sandwiches, drinks;
Thus, with a wide range of models and different standard sizes, the ability to mount showcases in a line allows you to equip any room with various configurations of equipment in a uniform style, which is also an indisputable advantage SNAIGE products.