Since 1963, we have been manufacturing and selling refrigeration and freezing equipment for professionals working in various fields.

SNAIGĖ is an international manufacturer of household, commercial and professional refrigeration equipment operating in the EU with a base in Lithuania. Our professional refrigeration solutions are outstanding in terms of their quality, with excellent value for money, a low environmental impact and effective energy consumption.


SNAIGĖ refrigerating equipment ensures excellent quality, not just because of our long-term experience, modern technologies and advanced production methods, but also due to the importance we place on the components of our refrigerating appliances. We strictly use only materials and parts from the very best, well-known global production companies that meet the latest European Union standards and requirements. Maintaining the highest-quality SNAIGĖ production is always our main focus.


SNAIGĖ professional equipment uses the environmentally friendly refrigerants R290 and R600. We consistently comply with the Kyoto Protocol requirements on global warming and climate change. Therefore, we use only non-hazardous materials that will not deplete the ozone and do not promote the greenhouse effect. We choose resource-efficient materials and production methods, as well as transport and the use of bio-energy. Moreover, nearly all the materials used in our production lines are recyclable.


Our efficient and flexible production process ensures the quick fulfilment of our customers’ orders. A favourable geographical location allows fast deliveries to any European country. We will also adapt our products according to the customer's needs, as well as the branding.


Build a refrigerator in the style that matches your brand philosophy, your interior or even your personality.We are ready to offer anything from simple branding solutions to sophisticated and extraordinary results. We can fulfil our customer’s branding ideas, as well as to offer our own range of branding and product personalisation solutions.